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Investing in precious metals is all about the money—your money—and that is why you want to be confident that you are dealing with the right company. MetalQuity is that company.


The name MetalQuity combines “metal” and “equity”; in other words, precious metals as an equity investment.  MetalQuity is in business to provide precious metal investment opportunities at the lowest prices, allowing clients to retain maximum equity.


MetalQuity was founded by Thomas Vander Laan, an experienced precious metal trader. Throughout his career in the industry, Mr. Vander Laan worked with the Internet’s major precious metal dealers, assisting his clients in making investments that best suited their objectives.

During this period, Mr. Vander Laan recognized first-hand many of the problems experienced by investors that plague the online bullion industry, including inventory issues, logistical setbacks, high premiums and padded prices, and ambiguous and misleading online ordering processes. Those drawbacks led Mr. Vander Laan to devise a better overall experience for investors where the quality of service is high and the premiums and prices of the precious metals is low.

Drawing on his experience and knowledge, and in consultation with his network of distributors, mint representatives, and other industry professionals, Mr. Vander Laan developed MetalQuity’s unique business model, which offsets each of the industry’s weaknesses and provides his clients more value than merely the intrinsic worth of their precious metal investments.

In 2013, Mr. Vander Laan incorporated MetalQuity Capital Group, Inc. in Nevada and “opened its doors” for business as a different kind of precious metal retailer.


The Internet is overwhelmed with bullion retailers so similar that their names are often the only things that differentiate them. MetalQuity invites precious metal investors to experience The MetalQuity Differences that set it apart.

  • The First Difference: Instead of having to navigate a sometimes confusing and slow-loading website, each order placed is completed in real-time, by telephone, with a live Account Manager located in the United States.

Each Account Manager:

  • possesses at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a business- or finance- related field, from an accredited U.S. college or university,
  • is knowledgeable and can assist and answer questions, and
  • can lock-in that moment’s spot-price to place each order.
  • The Second Difference: The spot-price of the gold, silver, platinum, or palladium ordered is locked-in, in real-time using the current Globex price provided by mints, refineries, and distributors. This prevents critical time delays from occurring, during which the spot-price can fluctuate before checking-out. It also keeps premiums low by avoiding the hedging fees that other dealers subsequently pass on to their customers.
  • The Third Difference: All of MetalQuity’s bullion products are sourced brand new in brilliant uncirculated or mint condition from the world’s leading mints, refineries, and distributors. Clients order bullion products from MetalQuity, knowing that they will never receive secondary-market products or counterfeit goods.
  • The Fourth Difference: While MetalQuity accepts deposits via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, deposits can also be remitted by bank-wire transfer or personal check when employing MetalQuity’s proprietary Money on Account™ (MoA™) system.
  • The Fifth Difference: When a client remits payment via bank-wire, MetalQuity applies a $10 credit to the order to offset bank-wire fees. Most other dealers require their customers to absorb that cost.
  • The Sixth Difference: MetalQuity does not maintain inventory, and therefore does not incur storage expenses and associated insurance fees. All orders are drop-shipped by the associated mints, refineries, and distributors to MetalQuity’s clients free of charge and fully insured. MetalQuity passes these savings on to its clients with premiums and prices lower than those of other retailers.
  • The Biggest Difference: At MetalQuity, you are treated as a client—not merely a customer.

These seven differences separate MetalQuity from other online bullion dealers by reducing its costs of doing business (and passing these savings on to its clients) while maintaining the quality on which Mr. Vander Laan and MetalQuity have built their reputations.


MetalQuity is an authorized dealer for the major precious metals authentication organizations and is a member firm of the largest global network of precious metal and numismatic coin dealers. To qualify, both MetalQuity and Mr. Vander Laan underwent extensive background checks, obtained references from respected industry professionals, and have satisfied all requirements necessary to become an

  • Authorized Dealer—Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), an
  • Authorized Dealer—Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC), and a
  • Member Firm—Certified Coin Exchange (CCE).

MetalQuity is an active supporter of organizations that protect and promote the precious metal industry, including the

  • Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and the
  • American Numismatic Association (ANA).


MetalQuity is able to charge its industry-low prices and premiums by requiring minimum order quantities, allowing clients to benefit from economies of scale resulting in bulk-pricing discounts similar to those of wholesalers.

The table below illustrates MetalQuity’s minimum order policy. For example, the minimum order quantity of gold is 10 ounces with MetalQuity requiring an advance deposit of $50 per ounce, either preauthorized using a debit or credit card or pre-funded using the MoA™ system to lock-in the spot-price. Please note the minimum order and deposit for each precious metal.

GOLD 10 oz. $50.00 / oz.
SILVER 500 oz. $1.00 / oz.
PLATINUM 10 oz. $50.00 / oz.
PALLADIUM 10 oz. $25.00 / oz.


MetalQuity’s proprietary Money on Account™ system was designed specifically to allow clients to lock-in the spot-prices of precious metals without using a debit or credit card when ordering.

Similar to a bank checking account, clients deposit funds into their MoA™ prior to ordering. When ordering, Account Managers will then quickly and seamlessly apply the necessary deposit amounts from the MoA™ to the orders to lock-in the spot-prices of the precious metals.

For complete details please refer to Money on Account™ Policies and Procedures.


MetalQuity protects its clients’ personal information and cardholder data by employing the world’s leading online protection and security program, Norton by Symantec.

An additional layer of security, and assurance that MetalQuity handles sensitive data in compliance with PCI DSS protocols, is validation by Trustwave.



For remittances submitted via USPS courier service and all correspondence:


PO Box 2793

Minden, NV 89423


For remittances submitted via UPS or FedEx courier services:


1624 10th Street

Suite 3

Minden, NV 89423



During regular office hours, Account Managers are available to receive client orders, answer questions, and provide assistance.

Monday – Thursday                 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM (EST)

Friday                                       9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)

Subject to availability and during periods of volatile market fluctuations, Account Managers may be reached during other international precious metal trading hours:

Sunday 6:00 PM (EST) – Friday 5:00 PM (EST)